Cetyl Esters Wax
(see' til es' ters).
» Cetyl Esters Wax is a mixture consisting primarily of esters of saturated fatty alcohols (C14 to C18) and saturated fatty acids (C14 to C18).
Packaging and storage— Preserve in well-closed containers, in a dry place, and prevent exposure to excessive heat.
Melting range, Class II 741: between 43 and 47.
Acid value 401: not more than 5.
Iodine value 401: not more than 1.
Saponification value 401: between 109 and 120.
Paraffin and free acids— A 1-g portion dissolves completely in 50 mL of boiling alcohol and the solution is neutral or acid to moistened litmus paper.
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Monograph Robert H. Lafaver, M.S.
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(EXC2010) Monographs - Excipients
USP35–NF30 Page 1752