Aromatic Cascara Fluidextract
Prepare Aromatic Cascara Fluidextract as follows.
Cascara Sagrada, as a very coarse powder 1000 g
Magnesium Oxide 120 g
Suitable sweetening agent(s)  
Suitable essential oils(s)  
Suitable flavoring agent(s)  
Alcohol 200 mL
Purified Water,
a sufficient quantity, to make
1000 mL
Mix the Cascara Sagrada with Magnesium Oxide, moisten it uniformly with 2000 mL of boiling water, and set it aside in a shallow container for 48 h, stirring occasionally. Pack it in a percolator, and percolate with boiling water until the material is exhausted. Evaporate the percolate, at a temperature not exceeding 100, to 750 mL, and at once dissolve in it the flavoring agent(s). When the liquid has cooled, add the Alcohol, in which the sweetening agent(s) and oils have been dissolved, and add sufficient water to make the Aromatic Fluidextract measure 1000 mL. Mix.
•  Alcohol Determination 611: 18%–20% of C2H5OH, determined by the gas–liquid chromatographic method, using acetone as the internal standard
•  Packaging and Storage: Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and to excessive heat.
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