Diluted Alcohol
» Diluted Alcohol is a mixture of Alcohol and water containing not less than 41.0 percent and not more than 42.0 percent, by weight, corresponding to not less than 48.4 percent and not more than 49.5 percent, by volume, at 15.56, of C2H5OH.
Diluted Alcohol may be prepared as follows:
Alcohol 500 mL
Purified Water 500 mL
Measure the Alcohol and the Purified Water separately at the same temperature, and mix. If the water and the Alcohol and the resulting mixture are measured at 25, the volume of the mixture will be about 970 mL.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight containers, remote from fire.
Specific gravity 841: between 0.935 and 0.937 at 15.56, indicating between 41.0% and 42.0%, by weight, or between 48.4% and 49.5%, by volume, of C2H5OH.
Other tests— In other respects it responds to the tests under Alcohol, allowance being made for the difference in alcohol concentration.
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