Not official USP-NF text Column Equivalency Information
PACKING Phenyl groups chemically bonded to porous silica particles 1.5 to 10 µm in diameter.
Adsorbosphere Phenyl Grace-Alltech
Ascentis Express Phenyl-hexyl Supelco
BETASIL Phenyl Thermo Scientific
Chromegabond P(Phenyl) E.S. Industries
Eclipse XDB Phenyl Agilent Technologies
Hypersil BDS Phenyl Thermo Scientific
Hypersil CPS-1 Thermo Fisher
Hypersil Phenyl Thermo Scientific
IBM Phenyl IBM Instruments Inc.
IBM Phenyl-NP IBM Instruments Inc.
Inertsil Phenyl GL Sciences
Luna Phenyl-Hexyl Phenomenex
MicroBondapak Phenyl Waters Corp
Microsorb Phenyl Varian
Microsorb-MV Phenyl Agilent
Nova-Pak Phenyl Waters Corp
RSil Phenyl Alltech Associates
Sepralyte Phenyl Analytichem International
SphereClone Phenomenex
Spherisorb P(Phenyl) Waters Corp.
Supelcosil LC-DP Supelco
Synergi Polar-RP Phenomenex
UltraTechsphere 5 Phenyl HPLC Technology
XTerra Phenyl Waters Corp
YMC Phenyl YMC
ZORBAX Eclipse XDB Phenyl Agilent Technologies
ZORBAX Phenyl Agilent Technologies
ZORBAX SB Phenyl Agilent Technologies