Not official USP-NF text Column Equivalency Information
PACKING Nitrile groups chemically bonded to porous silica particles 3 to 10 µm in diameter.
CN Ultrasphere Beckman Instruments
CPS-Hypersil ThermoQuest Chromatography
Chromsep SS Spherisorb 3 CN Varian
Discovery Cyano Supelco, Inc.
Econosil CN Grace-Alltech
Econosphere CN Grace-Alltech
Hypersil CPS-2 Thermo Scientific
LiChrospher CN Merck KGaA
MicroBondapak CN Waters Corp
Novapak CN HP Waters Corp.
Nucleosil CN Macherey-Nagel
Radial-Pak CN NULL
Regis Nitrile Regis Instruments
Resolve CN Waters Corp
Spherex Cyano NULL
Spherisorb CN Waters Corp
Supelcosil LC-CN Supelco
Supelcosil LC-PCN Supelco
Ultremex CN Phenomenex
YMC-Pack CN YMC Co., Ltd.
ZORBAX CN Agilent Technologies
ZORBAX SB-CN Agilent Technologies
Zorbax CN Reliance Agilent Technologies