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PF LGS# Brand Type of Test Additional Information
8(4) L7 Pelliguard LC-8 Assay Guard column, 5-cm, 30--50-µm
14(2) L7 Supelcosil LC-8-DB Assay Packing deactivated for basic compounds.
8(4) L7 Supelcosil LC-8-DB Assay Analytical column, 15-cm
0(0) L7 ZORBAX SB C8 Assay 15 cm x 4.6 mm, 5 µm.
8(4) L7 Pelliguard LC-8 Dissolution Guard Column.
8(4) L7 Supelcosil LC-8-DB Dissolution Analytical column.
16(2) L7 None Cited Identification NULL
8(4) L7 Pelliguard LC-8 Uniformity of dosage units Guard column.
8(4) L7 Supelcosil LC-8-DB Uniformity of dosage units Analytical column.