The idea for the Chromatographic Columns database was originally conceived to help USP staff respond to queries about the columns used in developing compendial chromatographic methods. We are pleased to share this information with you through Chromatographic Columns, for your convenient and quick reference.
This publication is a compilation of the column reagents referenced in the briefings in Pharmacopeial Forum (PF) beginning with the January - February 1980 issue. It covers revision proposals in which gas- or liquid- chromatographic methods are included and gives the brand names of the column reagents cited in the accompanying briefing. Also included is information on the corresponding USP "L", "G" or "S" designation, the volume number of the PF issue in which the proposal appears, and the type of test employing the chromatographic method. Chromatographic Reagents also helps you track which column reagents were used to validate methods that have become official and are included in USP-NF.
The 2001 edition of Chromatographic Columns is cumulative of listings in all issues of Pharmacopeial Forum from 1980 through May-June 2001. The monograph entries are presented in alphabetical order by monograph title. The chromatographic columns referenced in each subsequent issue of PF are listed at the back of the issue in the same format as in the main volume. These PF updates are cumulative of listings from the July-August 1990 issue. The PF pages may be removed and inserted into the pocket on the back cover of the main volume.