Tolu Balsam Syrup
» Prepare Tolu Balsam Syrup as follows (see Pharmaceutical Compounding—Nonsterile Preparations 795).
Tolu Balsam Tincture 50 mL
Magnesium Carbonate 10 g
Sucrose 820 g
Purified Water, a sufficient quantity, to make 1000 mL
Add the Tincture all at once to the Magnesium Carbonate and 60 g of the Sucrose in a mortar, and mix. Gradually add 430 mL of Purified Water with trituration, and filter. Dissolve the remainder of the Sucrose in the clear filtrate with gentle heating, strain the syrup while warm, and add sufficient Purified Water through the strainer to make the product measure 1000 mL, and mix.
note—Tolu Balsam Syrup may also be prepared as follows. Place 760 g of the Sucrose in a suitable percolator, the neck of which is nearly filled with loosely packed cotton, moistened after packing with a few drops of water. Pour the filtrate, obtained as directed in the preceding instructions, on the Sucrose, and regulate the outflow to a steady drip of percolate. When all of the liquid has run through, return portions of the percolate, if necessary, to dissolve all the Sucrose. Then pass enough Purified Water through the cotton to make the product measure 1000 mL, and mix.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight containers, and store at controlled room temperature.
Labeling— The label states the Latin binomial name and, following the official name, the part of the plant source from which the article was derived.
Acid value— Take 2% of solution, add phenolphthalein TS, and titrate with 0.5 N alcoholic potassium hydroxide VS: the acid value is between 112 and 168.
Alcohol content, Method II 611: between 3.0% and 5.0% of C2H5OH.
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