Compound Resorcinol Ointment
» Prepare Compound Resorcinol Ointment as follows:
Resorcinol 60 g
Zinc Oxide 60 g
Bismuth Subnitrate 60 g
Juniper Tar 20 g
Yellow Wax 100 g
Petrolatum 290 g
Lanolin 280 g
Glycerin 130 g
To make 1000 g
Melt the Yellow Wax and the Lanolin in a dish on a steam bath. Triturate the Zinc Oxide and the Bismuth Subnitrate with the Petrolatum until smooth, and add it to the melted mixture. Dissolve the Resorcinol in the Glycerin, incorporate the solution with the warm mixture just prepared, then add the Juniper Tar, and stir the Ointment until it congeals.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight containers, and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures exceeding 30.
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