Myrrh Topical Solution
» Prepare Myrrh Topical Solution as follows:
Myrrh 200 g
A mixture of Alcohol and Water (85:15) 900 mL
Alcohol, a sufficient quantity, to make 1000 mL
Macerate about 200 g of coarsely ground Myrrh with an alcohol-water mixture for 48 hours at room temperature in a suitable vessel, which is fitted with a lid and a mechanical stirrer, agitating the mixture with the stirrer. Allow the resulting mixture to stand overnight. Decant the mixture, filter, dilute the filtrate with Alcohol to 1000 mL, and mix.
Labeling— Label it to indicate that it is intended for topical and oropharyngeal use only.
Identification— Using Topical Solution as the Test solution, proceed as directed for Identification tests C and D under Myrrh.
Alcohol content, Method II 611: between 90.0% and 110.0% of the labeled amount of C2H5OH.
Other requirements— It meets the requirements for Packaging and Storage and Labeling for Tinctures under Botanical Extracts 565.
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Monograph Maged H. Sharaf, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist
(DSB05) Dietary Supplements - Botanicals
USP32–NF27 Page 3017
Pharmacopeial Forum: Volume No. 28(6) Page 1825