Compound Cardamom Tincture
» Prepare Compound Cardamom Tincture as follows (see Pharmaceutical Compounding—Nonsterile Preparations 795).
Cardamom Seed, in moderately coarse
20 g
Cinnamon, in fine powder 25 g
Caraway, in moderately coarse powder 12 g
to make 1000 mL
Proceed as directed for Process M under Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms 1151. Macerate the mixed powders in 750 mL of a mixture of 50 mL of Glycerin and 950 mL of Diluted Alcohol, and complete the preparation by using first the remainder of the mixture of Diluted Alcohol and Glycerin prepared as directed above, followed by Diluted Alcohol.
note—Compound Cardamom Tincture may be colored with one or more colors.
Packaging and storage— Preserve in tight, light-resistant containers, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat.
Alcohol content, Method II 611: between 43.0% and 47.0% is found.
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