Idraparinux Sodium
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Title: Idraparinux Sodium
CAS Registry Number: 149920-56-9; 162610-17-5 (Idraparinux)
CAS Name: Methyl O-2,3,4-tri-O-methyl-6-O-sulfo-a-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®4)-O-2,3-di-O-methyl-b-D-glucopyranuronosyl-(1®4)-O-2,3,6-tri-O-sulfo-a-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®4)-O-2,3-di-O-methyl-a-L-idopyranuronosyl-(1®4)-a-D-glucopyranoside 2,3,6-tris(hydrogen sulfate) nonasodium salt
Manufacturers' Codes: Org-34006; SANORG-34006; SR-34006
Molecular Formula: C38H55Na9O49S7
Molecular Weight: 1727.18
Percent Composition: C 26.42%, H 3.21%, Na 11.98%, O 45.39%, S 13.00%
Literature References: Synthetic pentasaccharide that inhibits factor Xa; analog of fondaparinux sodium, q.v. Prepn: M. Petitou, C. A. van Boeckel, EP 0529715; eidem, US 5378829 (1993, 1995 both to Akzo; Sanofi); P. Westerduin et al., Bioorg. Med. Chem. 2, 1267 (1994). Biochemical and pharmacological properties: J. M. Herbert et al., Blood 91, 4197 (1998). Comparative pharmacokinetics in rats: J. P. Hérault et al., Thromb. Haemostasis 87, 985 (2002). Clinical pharmacology and reversal by factor VIIa: N. R. Bijsterveld et al., Br. J. Haematol. 124, 653 (2004). Review of clinical development: Q. Ma, J. Fareed, IDrugs 7, 1028-1034 (2004).
Properties: [a]D20 +55° (c = 1 in water).
Optical Rotation: [a]D20 +55° (c = 1 in water)
Therap-Cat: Antithrombotic.
Keywords: Antithrombotic.

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